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What Have Educators Said About Richard Landry's Motivational Assembly Programs?

Parkside Elementary

     We enjoyed your Drug Free Thats Me show very much.  The magic was great and the students loved the involvement.  Since our theme was drugs, the message was clear.  We had about 300 students at each program and they seemed attentive and involved.  The students hope to see Snowball again. Thank you for your professionalism and promptness.

Sincerely, Denise Dickerson - Teacher & PTO Chairperson

Lincoln School

     I was impressed with his professionalism: he arrived at the exact time promised, set up himself and was ready to go early.  He was enthusiastic and well received by staff and students.  His magic was set within a reading theme, providing a meaningful message.

Sincerely, Eric Hillman

Harris Elementary & Franklin Elementary

     These 2 reading programs at these schools were done in conjunction with the public broadcast station at WSEC.  Mr. Landry performed at our literacy kick-off programs for our WSEC Magic of Reading Tour this year.  We were looking for a presenter who could incorporate reading and literacy themes into our events and Richard Landry was absolutely perfect!  He had the full attention of the children and
his use of audience participation, props, and comedic timing help make the performances very memorable.  Mr. Landrys program is a breath of fresh air and is educational, motivational and FUN!

 Sue Lovedahl

Germantown Public Library

     Your show was excellent!  I wanted to thank you for a job very well done!  It is so evident that you love what you do and it shines through in your performance.   Thanks for bringing your talent, comedy and enthusiasm to us.  The children loved your show and I really loved the way you incorporated books, reading and our summer reading theme throughout the morning.

Joan Young

El Paso Library

     I found Mr. Landry easy to work with, and well prepared for the show.  The children and the moms laughed often during the show, and many made a point of thanking me for scheduling him for our Kick-off.  I would have Richard back again.  He will likely become a crowd-pleasing favorite for the El Paso Public Library.

Sincerely, Renee Griffith

Lincoln Public Library

     I was truly amazed at how Mr. Landry captured the attention of so many small children.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the time spent at the program.  Mr. Landry also encouraged the children to read and reminded them throughout the program that they could be anything they wanted to be if they read.

Phyllis Barnard

Quincy Public Library

     I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I would recommend your performance to anyone who asked me.  Your show was very upbeat and funny. You captured the attention of the children and kept it through the whole show.  I was especially impressed with the genuine caring you showed to our children.  You were very polite, very upfront about how you would choose volunteers and knew exactly what would make them laugh.  Thank you so much for incorporating your love of books and reading into the program.

Sincerely, Nancy Denton

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