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Latest Booking Options

You Can Book:
1. A single 45 minute assembly program,
2. A single 30 minute Pre-K program,
3. A half day (2 assemblies in a.m. or p.m. in same school or organization), or,
4. A full day (3-4 assemblies over a single day).

Half or full days can be split with another school (in district or out) or organization.

     Richard Landry will waive the mileage fee--thus making an educational visit to your facility more affordable--if your program coordinator e-mails all the schools or relevant organizations in your area and succeeds in organizing a block booking for a full day.  By grouping programs together you can avoid mileage fees and receive additional package discounts from making the block booking. 

     For instance, if two nearby schools want to split a full day visit all mileage fees would be waived, and the two schools would receive the maximum bulk discount available from booking for a full day (even if each school would receive a half day of assemblies).   Richard hates charging mileage fees, but, by working with Richard to keep him off the road, he will GLADLY waive any mileage fees.  Richard Landry wants to spend his time EDUCATING and MOTIVATING your children!

    If you have booked a full day or an afternoon half day then you can add a Family Night for only $150.00 for 30 minutes or $200.00 for 45 minutes.


    Booking options listed here should be used as a rough guide only.  Completely customizable packages are available to accommodate your specific needs.

    Prices vary depending on your proximity to Richard's local market, seasonal demand, the program desired, whether a workshop or fundraiser is desired, and the latest promotional discounts available; for these reasons specific price quotes are not provided here. 

To book a show and get a price quote with the latest available discounts please contact Richard Landry today!





For Written inquiries please contact:

Richard Landry

625 White Oak Drive

Chatham, IL 62629

For phone inquiries please call: (217) 483-3745

For email inquiries please email: pilgrimm52@msn.com

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