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 Did you know?...

  ...That Richard Landry and his rabbit Snowball travel over 15,000 miles each year, presenting educational and entertainment programs across Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Missouri?

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Assemblies and Programs Overview:

1. Motivational Assemblies--Character enrichment programs that teach your students important life skills, ranging from children empowerment to conflict-resolution.

2. Library Programs--Programs that stress the importance of reading on a daily basis and the proper care of library property.

3. Gospel Programs--Customized programs for your church's family night, vacation bible school, or Sunday School kick-off.

4. Scout Programs--Programs that help your scouts build courage, confidence and character.

5. Warning!--Do not bring in any assembly program or entertainer that does not meet these two criteria.

DON'T FORGET: Richard Landry's assembly programs are completely customizable to your school/daycare/troop/church's specific needs!  Richard Landry also offers discounts on multiple assembly packages; in the past, schools in a particular region have coordinated multiple assemblies in order achieve the most cost-effective and comprehensive assembly package for their students.  TO BOOK TODAY CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECTLY TO THE "CONTACT RICHARD LANDRY" TAB.




For Written inquiries please contact:

Richard Landry

625 White Oak Drive

Chatham, IL 62629

For phone inquiries please call: (217) 483-3745

For email inquiries please email: pilgrimm52@msn.com

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